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Providing Clean & Safe Water To People In Need.

One for One Water Charity Program

Hydrating Hope – One Litre at a Time

Our Commitment to Charity

Our initiative is simple yet impactful: for every dollar spent with us, we donate one litre of clean water to those in need. Our journey began in Cristo Rey, Nicaragua, a region where access to clean water is scarce.

Since 2016, we've proudly provided millions of litres of water, helping to alleviate water scarcity and support the health and well-being of impoverished communities.

For every dollar you spend, Gibraltar will give one litre of clean, safe water to a person in need.
Litres of water donated!

Uniting for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Collaboration with
One For One Water

In our alliance with One For One Water, we focus on addressing critical water shortages in areas like Cristo Rey, Nicaragua. This collaboration is more than a charitable endeavor; it's a movement towards ensuring sustainable access to one of life's most vital resources.

Together with your support and CLUB NEED, we aim to create lasting change, ensuring that every family we reach can enjoy the security and health benefits of clean, accessible water. Join us in this vital mission – each contribution, each project with Gibraltar, brings us closer to a world where water scarcity is a challenge of the past.

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